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Artist Creates A ‘Whale’ That Can ‘Float’ In The Sky

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Patricia Piccinini designed ‘The Skywhale’ hot-air balloon for the centenary celebrations of Australia's capital, Canberra. 

The magnificent balloon will be journeying to various destinations within Australia throughout 2013. 

The Skywhale is made up of a whopping 3,535 meters of fabric, which holds together well and tight, thanks to approximately 3.3 million stitches throughout the structure. 

Creating a streamlined hot-air balloon, to more closely resemble whales in the ocean, didn't make ‘hot-air balloon sense’, so, instead the Sierra Leonean artist imagined huge udders and a large, round body to accommodate all the gas The Skywhale needed to 'fly'. 

Piccinini commented about her work, saying that while “The Skywhale may appear fantastic,” she hopes that we can look at it and think about the blue whale—an “air breathing mammal that lives in the ocean.” 

If we are able to look at The Skywhale and ponder about what it represents; what it's ‘for’, then it might serve to remind us that, “nature is not necessarily ‘for us’. It just ‘is’ and we're just lucky enough to be around to see it.”

Have a good ride with The Skywhale in the video below:


[via, images via Patricia Piccinini and]
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