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Meet Ketchup, The App That Helps You Catch Up With Your Friends

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A new free app called Ketchup aims to help you make socializing plans in a much simpler way.

Ketchup is a smartphone app on iPhone and Android devices that helps you arrange sessions to catch up with your friends.

By allowing users to connect the app to their Facebook account, they can easily select the friend they want to catch up with, and then choose the activity from a wide list of activities, such as having coffee, lunch, and even doing a yoga class together.

Once you are sent an invite, it gets added to your “table” and can only be wiped off if you check it off as completed, cancel the session, or “flake out” from it.

As Matt Capucilli—the developer of Ketchup—explains, “This is a new protocol. It’s a new way of organizing your social behavior. If you don’t want to enter into an agreement to do drinks with someone, then you don’t have to agree with it.”


What do you think? Will this app help make catching up with old friends and colleagues a much simpler event?

View the demo below:

[via PSFK]
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