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A Butcher Shop With Gorgeous Branding & Identity That Cuts The Competition

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Milan-based graphic designer Luca Fontana has done some lovely branding and identity work for a butcher shop in Milan.

What makes Fontana’s work unique is in the details. For example, a common element of her design is to use a slanted red and white streak across the packaging and collateral items, as if depicting using a knife to slice meat.

Other elements, such as creating the store’s business cards to be ribbon-edged make the store’s identity closely related to what we commonly know of meat and the butcher.

This branding project is for Osso, the first butcher's shop with open kitchen in Milan. It follows a simple concept where one selects a type and cut of meat over a counter, and then watch it being prepared through the open kitchen.


[via Luca Fontana]
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