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Facebook’s Iconic ‘Like’ Symbol, Re-Imagined In Superhero Style

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Have you ever came across something on Facebook that is so awesome that simply “liking” it would not suffice? In such cases, you would need a “super like” option.

Bogota-based graphic designer and illustrator Jaime Calderón has re-imagined the iconic thumb-up symbol with the hands of well-known superheroes.

Dressing up the now ubiquitous Facebook icon with various easily recognizable superhero garb—like the web-print glove of Spider Man—the graphic designer is able to give it an entertaining and refreshing spin.

One of the most amusing of the ‘Super Likes’ icons is that of Flash—due to his super-speed, we only get to see half of the icon because the other half has already moved out of frame.

See below for the rest of the ‘Super Likes’ collection:


[via Character Designed Served]
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