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112-Year-Old ‘Floating Church’ Sits On Stilts To Be Renovated

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Previously known as ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’, the Provo, Utah-based 112-year-old building was destroyed by fire in 2010 and is currently being restored.

To add a two-story basement to the over-a-century-old building—that has been converted into a Mormon temple—engineers have dug up the earth around and below it, and had it sit on stilts.

The Provo Tabernacle hasn’t been moved an inch; rather, engineers, architects and others involved in the project secured the entire structure with intricate scaffolding, and drove piles into the ground below it.

After the piles were in place, the ground below the building was excavated—with it raised 40-feet in the air with stilts, the seven million-pound building seems as if it’s ‘floating’.

About the project:


The Fire in 2010:

[via Brian Hansen and Mormon Newsroom, images via Intellectual Reserve, Inc.]
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