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A Versatile And Stylish Micro-Apartment, Designed By Prisoners

The creators of the Freedom Room project—a 96-square-foot micro-apartment designed to be flexible and adaptable—has teamed up with some unlikely partners: the inmates of a high security prison in Spoleto, Italy.

With intimate knowledge of living in small spaces, these prisoner-consultants helped to create a clever apartment that showcases a new concept for temporary and social housing, hotels and hostels.

Although it is modeled after a jail cell, the interiors of the Freedom Room is cozy, stylish and feels surprisingly spacious—within the tiny area, it manages to fit a work/dining area, two beds, drawers, overhead storage, a kitchen and a bathroom.

Due to the space constraints, most of the furniture are made to be multi-purpose—for instance, the doorway dividing the living and sleeping areas doubles as a shelf.

With apartments becoming more compact as cities become denser, the concepts used to create the Freedom Room would become increasingly important in building quality homes.

[via Dornob]
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