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A ‘Skyscraper Tree House’ With A Breath-Taking Mountain View

The architects at Gluck+ have constructed an unusual tree house—that is also a tower—which has a magnificent view of the awe-inspiring Catskill Mountains.

Simply named the ‘Tower House’, this miniature four-story “skyscraper” is designed to look like LEGO blocks with a horizontal tower balancing the structure.

A highlight of this fantastic-looking residence is its reflective surface, which mirrors the forest canopy and its vibrant green and yellow color scheme.

For the environmentally-conscious, this vacation home cuts down on heating and air-conditioning by using its glass stairwell as a “solar chimney”, which pushes cool air down to the living areas while releasing hot air through its rooftop vents.

Scroll down for more pictures of this wonderful tree house tower.

[via FastCo Design]
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