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An Architecture Award For The Ugliest Buildings In The UK

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For the past seven years, the Building Design magazine has been awarding “exceptional” buildings in the UK with the Carbuncle Cup, an annual architecture award for the country’s ugliest structures.

From shopping malls and housing projects to hotel and office complexes, the Carbuncle Cup has been given out to buildings that have committed “crimes against architecture”.

Buildings that have won the dreaded Cup in the past have been given descriptions like “a wretched hulk” and “a lumpen stick of rock”—they certainly do not sound visually appealing.

While it is debatable whether these buildings really deserve such a scalding award, the award does help to create conversation about what is considered to be “bad architecture”.

The Guardian has asked its readers to send in nominations for this year’s Carbuncle Cup—take a look at them below.


[via The Guardian]
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