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Website Calculates Costs Of Bad Habits, Helps You Live Better

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Creative Director Gareth Battersby and designer/illustrator Bryan James of the design agency, Epiphany Search, have put their creative minds together to come up with Kick My Habits—an interactive website that aims to show you just how people in the UK are spending their hard-earned money. 

Comprised of a wide range of fonts and eye-catching infographics, the site frames an otherwise monotonous and rather dreaded topic of 'expenditures and saving', in an inviting and comforting way. 

While it's mostly for a UK audience, people across the pond have very similar money-wasting habits, thereby making this well-illustrated website ever relevant. 

From "terrible takeaways" to money-draining tactics like "silly ciggies" and "lazy lunches"—you'll be much more aware about the habits you can kick, so that you could be saving some precious 'moolah' instead of being perpetually clueless as to where it all ends up.

Do any of the following 'bad habits', sound familiar?


[via, images via Kick My Habits / Leeds Building Society and Epiphany Search]
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