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A Desert Hotel In Egypt That Lets You Live As Ancient Inhabitants Did

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In Egypt, the Siwa Oasis just east of the border of Libya is a desert land of rock and sand that lies a beautiful restored hotel known as the Adrere Amellal hotel.

This is no ordinary hotel, as it is constructed from ancient Siwan houses that have been left to decay in the desert.

The Adrere Amellal hotel is an eco-lodge that does not offer wifi, phone service, electricity, or the usual hotel offerings. It does, however, offer you an unparalleled view of the night sky, lake breeze, and desert landscape—the same way the inhabitants from ancient civilizations enjoyed it.

To build this hotel, every aspect was carefully looked after to ensure that its materials were suitable for the environment. The architecture was also created to maintain a cool interior in the desert in the day, while keeping warm at night.

This hotel truly provides a unique experience like no other, but is definitely not for those who need to be on wifi at all times.


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