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Google Plans To Provide Africa With Internet, Via Blimps, Masts Or Satellites

According to The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal, Google is planning to launch high-altitude balloons—also known as 'blimps'—to provide "high-speed wireless networks" in sub-Saharan Africa.

These balloons are capable of transmitting signals across hundreds of square kilometres, and will potentially be able to connect approximately one billion more people to the internet.

Essentially, Google has the desire to introduce the internet to rural areas, and is ready to work with telecoms firms and providers to build the necessary networks to carry its plans through.

At present, Google is considering an array of technologies apart from blimps, including "broadcasting signals from masts, [or] satellites."

What do you think about bringing the internet to rural areas?

Should people there get connected as well or should they remain unconnected and 'preserve' their existing way of life, without the presence of the internet?

[via The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, image via Google and Isafmedia / Wired Magazine]
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