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Google Unveils Dedicated 'Nutrition Search': Gets Us Answers About Food, Quickly

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According to Google's own 'Inside Search' blog, the search engine will now be able to answer a range of nutrition-related queries, for over a thousand different food items.

Google now can tell you in a short span of time, how much protein there is in a banana (about 1.3grams). It can also help you stay away from popcorn (if you so desired) by effectively informing you that a cup of popcorn will 'set you back' about 31 calories a cup.

The company also expects its nutrition search to help people understand their food labels better, or even avoid foods that might potentially cause allergic reactions.

All one has to do is type in questions about food, as one usually does. For example, one can type, "is there sugar in branadilla?" or "how many carbs in corn?" to get Google's answers.

At present, this Google search feature will be rolled our over the next week or so in the US but will not yet be available in other parts of the world.


Nevertheless, Google hopes to add "more features, foods, and languages," in the near future.

To what extent will this new dedicated nutrition search by Google, be helpful to you?

[via Google Inside Search]
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