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Creative Use Of Typography Tackles The Issue Of Child Abuse

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Based in the UK, Childline is a free, confidential, 24-hour counseling service for children.

In their latest video, a collaboration with ad agency YCN Studio and production company Buck, the tough subject of child sexual abuse is broached using some creative typography.

The video encourages and helps children “who are considering contacting ChildLine feel comfortable about the process of speaking with a counselor about sexual abuse”.

This is achieved by playing out a conversation between a caller and the counselor.

The child’s dialog is animated as a mass of constantly changing, chaotic, broken text, displaying the difficulty involved in opening up and talking about such issues.

In contrast, the typography used in the counselor’s dialogue gives off a warm and friendly feeling.

The relatively static nature of the text also shows strength and calmness, reminding children that Childline’s counselors are always there to reassure and support.

Click here to watch the video:

ChildLine: First Step from Buck on Vimeo.


[via Creative Bloq, Vimeo]
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