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The ‘Adventure Supply Kit’ Contains Everything You Need For An Adventure

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Want to go on an adventure but don’t know what you need to bring?

The ‘Adventure Supply Kit’ has got you covered.

Designed by Mia Johnson as part of her thesis project, the kit contains a compass, a first-aid kit, matches, navigation and wilderness guides, draw-your-own-map paper, a camera, a magnifying glass, blank journals, a world map, a constellation chart, binoculars, a calendar, a plant press, jars and compartments for specimens, a deck of cards and even a series of books by famous explorers.

She hopes that “the items in the kit will rekindle that childhood curiosity and spirit of adventure, and that they can remind us and reintroduce us to some of the skills and tools that have become more or less obsolete in our modern world”.


[Mia Johnson, via Design Work Life]
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