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A ‘Hipster Cat’ That Has A Real Mustache

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Move over Grumpy Cat, there is a new meme-worthy cat on the internet.

Meet Hamilton the Hipster Cat, who has a real mustache—thanks to two patches of strategically positioned white fur on its face, it looks like it is sporting an impeccable handlebar.

You may find this hard to believe, considering his gentlemanly good looks, but Hamilton was a rescue cat that nobody wanted to adopt because he was deemed to be too skittish—this turned out to be a good thing for its owner Jay Stowe, who fell it love with it at first sight.

This handsome feline is fast becoming the next viral hit—Stowe has came up with a witty new meme that states the reasons why Hamilton is “the most interesting cat in the world”.

For instance, he has 10 lives and once rescued a fireman from a tree.

You can stay updated on Hamilton’s fabulous life by following him on Instagram and Facebook.


[via Hamiliton’s Facebook Page]
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