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Hilarious Photoshopped Pictures Show Alternative Uses Of The New Mac Pro

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Just a few days after Apple announced its sleek new Mac Pro desktop computer, a hilarious new meme starring the much-anticipated gadget has started appearing on the internet.

Inspired by its unusual black, cylindrical body, creative Photoshoppers have imagined alternative uses for the Mac Pro, all of which have nothing to do with its original function.

In particular, this modern, minimalist design has led many Japanese Twitter users to associate it with high-tech kitchen appliances used for cooking food—for instance, a rice cooker or a fondue pot.

However, German artist Hilmar Stehr has created the most epic Mac Pro spoof so far—he has created the “Darth Pro”, realistically mashing up the Apple computer with Darth Vadar’s helmeted head.

We wonder if Apple is pleased with all this attention that the Mac Pro is getting—all publicity is good publicity, right?


[via CNet, images via Google Search Images]
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