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Japanese Cloning Factory Lets You Create 3D Doll Versions Of Yourself

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In Akhibara, Japan, a company called “Clone Factory” lets you create 3D-printed doll versions of yourself—and even your pets.

To create these mini 3D replicas, Clone Factory uses multiple DSLR cameras to take photos of a person’s or an animal’s face from different angles, computers to stitch the pictures and data together, and a special printer that uses plaster and ink to mold the 3D sculptures.

Priced at US$1,300 each, the lifelike 3D-printed dolls are detailed and encapsulate how you looked for a lifetime.

Though the outcome is somewhat eerie, the cloning service is especially popular among Japanese ladies—according to Messy Nessy Chic, the ladies create 3D clones of themselves to “preserve that special moment in life, such as their wedding day”, and they clone their entire look: their hair, makeup and dress.


[via Danny Choo]
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