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Gloves That Double As Phones, So You Can Literally ‘Talk To The Hand’

Communication company O2 has launched gloves that double as phones, so you can literally talk to your hand.

As the second part of O2’s Recycle collection—the first being its shoes that can be used as phones—the gloves designed by Sean Miles were made of vintage Mui Mui and Pineider gloves together with recycled phone parts.

Dubbed ‘Talk to the Hand’, the Bluetooth-connected gloves contain a speaker unit embedded in the thumb, and a microphone in the pinkie.

Though silly-looking, the gloves come in pretty ‘handy’—pun intended—users not only get to keep their hands warm while they chat, but are also relieved of the hassle of digging for their phones in their bags when a call comes in.

On that note, Miles and O2 are also working on combining phones with handbags.

Talk to the Hand gloves give a whole new meaning to the word “handset”.

[via Nicola Gibbens]
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