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Infographic: The Most Annoying Features Of Windows 8

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Put together by the disgruntled folks at Chassis Plans, this useful infographic catalogs all the pitfalls of Windows’ latest operating system.

This infographic is not a mere catalog of complaints, however—every gripe is accompanied by a solution to make life easier for Windows 8 users.

Highlights include a comprehensive mini-tutorial of making the shut down process easier, and circumventing the privacy pitfalls of while installing apps.


Sadly, there are no solutions to some problems, like a taskbar which disappears constantly, or a file searching service that does not work at all.

While this infographic solves most glitches present in Windows 8, it also serves to caution others not to use this operating system.

Click image to view entire infographic

Click image to view entire infographic

[via Infographic Journal]
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