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Inkless Pen That Never Runs Out Of Ink

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The Beta Inkless Pen, crafted in Germany, is a pen that does not need ink to for it to be able to write.

The inkless pen is fitted with lead, which allows it to glide smoothly across paper when used. It leaves a gray line that will not erase or smudge, giving it both pen and pencil-like properties.

Apart from the usual pen sizes—finished with anodized aluminum, silver or cherry wood—the Beta Inkless Pen also comes in a keychain version, ensuring that you will always have a pen when you need one.


While the inkless pen may be used in all weathers and temperatures, the invention begs the question: is the lead potentially harmful to us, even if we only come into contact with small amounts of it when writing?

[via, images via Beta Inkless Pen]
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