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A Backpack That Helps Cyclists Communicate With Other Road Users Safely

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Designer Soohun Jung has invented the ‘iBackpack’, a simple communication tool for cyclists to keep safe on the road.

By using a transparent window that shows the screen of your tablet device to all, it lets the world know if you are about to turn right or left.

The tablet is synced with your smartphone via Bluetooth, using a special app. The smartphone then doubles up as a rearview mirror and relays information like break signals, emoticons and messages to the tablet.

It works with the help of simple, but intelligent technology. Scenes from behind users are displayed on their smartphone by using the camera on their tablet, acting as an intelligent rear view mirror. To activate the turn signal, swipe the smartphone on your bicycle handle bar and the gyro sensor will activate that message.


Similar for the break signal, when riding speed rapidly slows down, the speed sensor will recognize it and relay it. You can also display messages if you desire by selecting saved messages on your smartphone.

This technology might just be the thing that will make the roads much safer for cyclists.

[via Yanko Design]
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