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Amusing ‘Adult’ Cartoon Posters That Will Make You Grin

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This adorable set of outdoor ads made for the Ottawa International Animation Festival features what would be called, 'adult cartoons'.

While other cartoons that fall into the 'adult' genre can border on being distasteful, the folks at McMillan agency seem to have been able to fuse fun, carefree elements that characterize cartoons with just the right amount of 'mature' content to keep the posters fresh and alluring.

As mentioned on the festival's website, the Ottawa International Animation Festival presents "the world’s most cutting-edge, quirky and important animation," with the aim of transforming Ottawa into the "centre of the animation universe."

Naturally, they also caution that "all screenings are recommended not suitable for children unless otherwise stated."

Look closely:


[The 2013 Ottawa International Animation Festival runs from September 18-22.]

[via, images via Ottawa International Animation Festival and McMillan]
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