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‘Liking’ This Art Project Will Cause It To Disintegrate

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Artist Geoffrey Lillemon and art collective Stööki, have teamed up to create ‘Like To Death’, a digital art project that slowly disintegrates as it accumulates ‘likes’.

On entering the project’s webpage, users are greeted with a giant, robed figure of ‘Death’ sitting on a rock amidst a stormy sea. ‘Death’ is surrounded by three symbols, representing “demons—an alternative to terms like digital personas or simulacra”. As the number of ‘likes’ increases, the portrait gets destroyed “by being engulfed in flames and particles”.

The project explores the world of social media, virtual personas and digital life by inverting Facebook’s ‘like’ mechanism.

“It's more about making a point when it comes to Like to Death—we are all aware of online personas, but we never really explore the fact that it takes many of us to build a social network and many of us to destroy it”, said Stööki.

“We don't actually realize the power of 'Like' and 'Share' just gets stronger and stronger. Who knows, one day we may be able to vote just by clicking on one 'Like' button”.


[via The Creators Project]
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