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Cool Trivia: LEGO Reveals Why The Minifig Has A Hole In Its Head

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The LEGO minifig is one of the most recognizable symbols—it can even be described as a mascot—of the immensely popular toy company.

Have you ever wondered why the minifig has a hole in its head? In a Q&A article on Gizmodo, LEGO reveals that this feature of the minifig has less to do with function than with safety.

“We added this hole on the top of the head just in case any kids got one of the heads stuck in their throat. That way they would be able to keep breathing.”


This piece of trivia is even more remarkable if one considers how this safety feature has became one of the most defining details of LEGO’s branding—in the words of Mark Wilson from Fast Co. Design, “A minifig just wouldn’t be a minifig were it more dangerous to children.”

For more awesome LEGO facts, here is an article that tells you “everything you always wanted to know about LEGO”.

[via Fast Co. Design and Gizmodo]
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