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The ‘World’s Deepest Hotel Suite’ Lets You Rest 500-Feet Underground

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The ‘Mine Suite’ at the Sala Silvermine in Sweden gives a whole new, literal meaning to the phrase “down-to-earth”—located about 500-feet underground, it is supposedly the “world’s deepest hotel room”.

A stay at this unusual suite starts with a guided tour through the “winding galleres and thrilling cavities” of the extremely well-preserved mine—with a year-round temperature of only 2 degrees Celsius, visitors are advised to dress warmly.

While sleeping in this suite would definitely be an interesting experience, guests would have to put up with some inconvenience—for instance, the toilet is located 50-meters away and showers are only available at the hostel above ground.

Scroll down for more images of the Mine Suite—you can book a stay over here.


[via Lost At E Minor]
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