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This Family Has A 112-Pound ‘Giant Guinea Pig’ For A Pet

When someone tells you that they have a rodent for a pet, you will probably think of small, cuddly mammals like rabbits and hamsters, and not 112-pound “giant guinea pig”.

Texan couple Melanie Typaldos and Richard Loveman share their home and bed with the most unlikely of pets—a smart and affectionate capybara, which is the world’s largest rodent.

Named Gary, the over-sized rodent came to live with Melanie and Richard after its former owner was no longer able to care for him—according to the couple, having Gary is “really no difference from having a dog or a cat”.

In fact, Gary is able to learn tricks, like turning in a circle and standing on its hind-legs, faster than an average dog would—the gentle giant also gets along very well with the other pets in the house.

Other than wallowing in the pool to cool off on hot days, Gary also enjoys going on road trips with his family and chasing rabbits for fun—scroll down for more photographs of this unusual pet.

[via Daily Mail]
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