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‘Trongs’, Ingenious Finger Utensils That Ensure Mess-Free Eating

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To help keep your fingers clean when eating messy Buffalo wings or BBQ ribs, Eric Zimmermann and Dan Ferrara created a unique set of finger utensils called ‘Trongs’.

Resembling ‘mini-clippers’, you can wear them on your fingers to pick up pieces of food—keeping your fingers clean in the process.

“Who doesn’t enjoy diving into a dripping pile of Buffalo wings or BBQ ribs?” the website wrote. “The unavoidable mess and sticky fingers are just part of the process…right? Not anymore! With ‘Trongs’ you can enjoy the experience of eating wings and ribs with the mess.”

“What’s worse than that pasty sticky mess left on your fingers when you bread chicken cutlets? When you use ‘Trongs’, your fingers stay clean, so you are free to answer the phone, pick up the baby, or anything else that gets thrown your way.”

‘Trongs’ are made with “food-safe polyproplylene” and are designed for “repeated use”.


To find out more about ‘Trongs’, watch the video below:

[via Trongs]
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