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A Thrilling Swing That Sits At The 'End' Of The World

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For extreme-fun seekers, who think swings will never make the list, the 'Swing at the End of the World' might just make you change your mind.

At the edge of Ecuador, on a path up to Bellavista, sits a seismic monitoring station called 'La Casa del Árbol'—or 'The Treehouse'.

Right next to its simple structure sits an equally simple-looking swing that hangs precariously over the edge of the canyon. It is open for use to 'thrill-seekers' at their own risk.

With a slight push, the person sitting on the swing would be 'thrown' right over the edge, with a full birds-eye-view of what lies below.

With no safety measures, this is one swing that you would have to 'hold-on-tight'.


Enjoy the video and images below:

[Photography by:]

[Photography by: Thoughts From A Dreamer]

[Photography by: Zak Erving]

[Photography by: Bath To Banos]

[via Oddity Central, images via, Thoughts From A Dreamer, Zak Erving and Bath To Banos]
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