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Red British Phoneboxes Turned Into Blue ‘Time Machines’ & Free WiFi Hubs

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The red phonebox— one of the most recognizable British icons since they started appearing in 1924—would be given a makeover in the English city of Leeds.

Telecommunication firm aql is planning to paint 24 of these old-fashioned phone booths blue, which makes them resemble the TARDIS, a time machine and space-craft from popular British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who.


Equipped with six touch-screens, each box functions as a high-tech information hub that provides “free superfast WiFi access”—users would also be able to leave video messages about memories of the areas in which these kiosks are located.

According to aql, these blue phoneboxes will be found only in Leeds: “We won’t be putting the blue boxes in any other cities, as we want them to be a symbol of Leeds.”

[via Yorkshire Evening Post, Technabob]
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