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A Hearing Test Disguised As An Eye Test

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The deterioration of eyesight and hearing comes with age, naturally.

However, according to statistics, people are more willing to admit that they need eyeglasses as compared to admitting that they need hearing aids.

To get people to test their ears, Toronto, Canada-based creative agency DraftFCB disguised hearing tests as eye tests, for Union Hearing Aid Centre.

The campaign featured a TV spot and a poster; like going to an optician, both ads consisted of letters of the alphabet that were to be read and identified.

Though seeming like a normal eye test, there was an element of surprise: a really annoying high-frequency sound playing in the background that could only be heard by those who don‘t have hearing loss.

Do you need your hearing checked?


Click to view enlarged image

Click to view enlarged image

[via Ads of the World]
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