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Illustrator Imagines Characters From ‘90s Cartoons As Grownups

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Omaha-based illustrator Celeste Pille has imagined characters from popular ‘90s cartoons as adults.

Pille’s redesigns of the characters from ‘Rugrats’, ‘The Magic Schoolbus’, ‘Hey Arnold!’ and ‘Pepper Ann’ manage to accurately reflect the personalities of the characters; one can easily imagine ‘Chuckie’ from ‘Rugrats’ as being a huge ‘Star Trek’ fan.

Pille also provides brief humorous synopses of what the characters are up to today.

For example, for ‘Helga’ from ‘Hey Arnold!, Pille said, “"English Major, recently hired as a Social Media Manager after one year living at home and another year spent in a thankless, penniless internship”.

Meanwhile, ‘Angelica Pickles’ from ‘Rugrats’, went on to “Internet fame for her terrible song called 'Weekend,' and its even more terrible music video (produced by Ark Music Factory and paid for by her parents), and just when everyone thought her 15 minutes were up, she leveraged her awesomely bad song’s popularity into a reality show on Bravo called 'Fallen Angelica.' She may not be a good singer, but she’s shrewd, ambitious and makes for incredibly quotable television”.

Visit Pille’s blog, Celeste Doodles, for more of her works.


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