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Japanese Orchestra Prescribes Classical Music As Medication

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Classical music may be considered a thing of the past, as many people turn to other genres of music, such as rock, pop and hip hop.

However, it’s been said that classical music has healing properties and is good for health and the brain, as it tunes up the mind and body system.

As a way to get people to listen to classical music again, one of the oldest orchestras in Japan, Japan Philharmonica Orchestra, teamed up with ad agency I/S BBDO Tokyo to turn classical music into prescribed “alternative medicine”.

In ‘Japan Pill-Harmonic’, the efficacy of classical music is put to the test—classical music was stored in mini SD cards as small ‘pills’.

From sleeping problems to constipation, and even the lack of appetite, patients were provided with classical music prescriptions not only as ‘medication’, but also as a new way for them to appreciate classical music.


[via The Inspiration Room]
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