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A Pint Glass Collar That Explodes Ink All Over A Drink Thief, When Triggered

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Even during 1-for-1 'happy hour', it is not cool to turn around to find that your drink has been stolen by some unknown person who 'thought' it was his or her drink.

To combat this urban anti-social phenomenon, cider-maker Kopparberg has come up with a way to protect its own logo pint glasses via the installation of "custom-made security tags" that will "explode ink on the thief" if they choose to walk away from the bar.

The black tag locks around the pint glass and aptly reads, 'I know it rocks but please don’t steal it.' Should this notice fail to deter theft, the security tag will be 'activated' when it senses that the drink has been taken more than 100 meters away from the bar. Therefore, individuals who decide to steal will have ink literally splattered across their faces or dribbling hopelessly down their outfits.


Nevertheless, Kopparberg assures that the purpose of their invention is "not to punish people", but to "dissuade them from stealing in the first place".

What are your thoughts about this method of drink 'pinching' prevention?

[via PSFK, images via Kopparberg]
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