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A Scooter Made Out Of Plants

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Designers Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya of Dutch design firm Waarmakers—in collaboration with InHolland University of Applied Sciences and NPSP composites—have created an electric scooter out of compressed plants, for sustainable mobility company Van.Eko.

Called the ‘Be.e scooter’, the e-scooter is said to be “the greenest scooter ever”, as its frameless monocoque body is made from flax and bio-resin.

The body acts like an eggshell, thus making the scooter lightweight—but it’s also fiber-reinforced, which makes it just as strong.

Fitted with a 600W charger that can charge at 20km/h, the Be.e allows users to ride for up to two-hours at about 60km/h in hot or cold weather.


[via Van.Eko, images via Waarmakers]
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