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Artist Creates Incredible Portraits Using Food And Drinks

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Gandhi in chocolate milk

Despite not having any formal art training, France-based freelance artist Vivi Mac has created a series of incredible celebrity portraits using anything from chocolate milk to crushed ice.

The series is titled ‘Art Ephemere’, referencing the temporary nature of her food-based artworks.

Her choice of food in each artwork usually derives from a food-related pun in the celebrity’s name. For example, her portrait of Ice Cube uses crushed ice cubes, while her Bruce Lee portrait in milk is titled ‘Bruce Lait’ (“lait” is French for milk).

Vivi Mac learnt the basics of drawing and painting from online resources, such as Facebook and blogs. She first started with speed painting and body painting, but it was only after “she began experimenting with various foods that her art got serious coverage”.

Visit Vivi Mac’s Facebook gallery for more food-based pieces.

The Mona Lisa in barbecue sauce


Bruce Lee in milk

Will Smith in condensed milk

Lauryn Hill in caramel

Ice Cube in ice and salt

Yoda in chewing gum

Eminem in honey

[via Oddity Central]
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