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Brilliant Print Ads Show How ‘Life’s Too Short For The Wrong Job’

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We have previously featured some really great print ads, but these ingenious ones from German job-hunting website is certainly one of the best ones we have ever came across.

Aiming to show that “life’s too short for the wrong job”, these ads are plastered on automated machines like ATMs, jukeboxes, instant photo booths and coffee machines.

Featuring images of unhappy-looking people working at awful jobs, these ads make it look as if there are actual people working within the cramped confines of the machines.

For instance, the ad that is placed on the side of a washing machine in a laundromat depicts a distressed woman washing clothes manually in an uncomfortable space.

If you were stuck in an unattractive job that is wrong for you, you would probably be able to relate to them—see the rest of these clever ads below.


[via Imgur and AllTop Holy Kaw]
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