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Disturbing Posters Advertise For Exhibitions At The Andy Warhol Museum

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To advertise for the upcoming exhibitions at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pennsylvania, the ad agency MARC USA has come up with a series of posters which will make viewers take a second look.

While the main tagline is “Summer’s Different Here”, each poster reads, “Must Be Summer at the Warhol”, and features kindred colors that Warhol himself used in his work.

Each poster also has elements that are related to spending summers at the beach, albeit with a twist.

In one poster, a woman is gagged with a beach ball, and in another, a man is wearing a pair of swimming trunks made of firecrackers.

Disturbing in nature, the ad agency created these series of posters as they wanted to show that the artists exhibiting at the Warhol have thought-provoking works that will make the viewer uncomfortable.


Scroll down to view more the rest of these posters.

[via The Inspiration Room]
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