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Clever Composite Photos Show The Rapid Deterioration Of Detroit’s Buildings

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An anonymous photographer behind the website has created a compelling series of photographs titled ‘Now and Then’ that chronicles the rapid rate of deterioration that abandoned buildings in Detroit have undergone.

The composite images combine ‘before-and-after’ photos, showing how the buildings fall victim to looters, vandals and disrepair over a span of months or years.

The most striking photos document the decay of the abandoned Cass Tech High School. In those images, the photographer cleverly superimposed old yearbook photos onto photos of the exact same location, showing a stark contrast between the past and present.

According to, no other major city in America has experienced such rapid growth and decline as Detroit. The city, designed for two million people, now contains less than a third of that population. documents the changes in the city in order to “raise awareness of the social and economic challenges the city of Detroit faces”.

Visit to see the rest of the series.


[via Fast Co. Exist, images via]
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