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‘Coffee-Infused Socks’ Let You Say Goodbye To Smelly Feet

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Business apparel company Ministry of Supply has created the 'perfect sock' for those who suffer from smelly feet.

The ‘Atlas’ dress sock is made from a unique cotton and recycled polyester blend, which is infused with carbonized coffee to keep bad odor away.

“Odor molecules, which are largely made of carbon, are strongly attracted to the carbonized coffee”, the company explained.

“Atlas has a unique structure (kind of like a sponge with lots of surface area), which allows the particles to absorb a lot of odor.” This is similar to the concept used in ‘Brita’ water filters.

The odor is also “released” when the socks are laundered, allowing the socks to return to its “full capacity”.

However, the socks will not smell of coffee as the carbonized coffee is “processed through a pharmaceutical process to remove the coffee oils”, thus removing the smell.


Click to watch the video below:

[via ecouterre and Kickstarter]
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