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The ‘Perfect’ Peanut Butter Jar Has Been Invented

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Ever had difficulty trying to get that last bit of “hard-to-reach” peanut butter hiding in your jar? Only to give up in frustration after getting peanut butter all over your knuckles?

Jar-with-a-Twist aims to solve the problem with its new ‘twistable’ jar.

The clever design lets you twist the jar, pushing the last bit of delicious peanut butter up for easy access. Jar-with-a-Twist will also keep the contents fresher by minimizing the exposure to air.

Impressively, the company has managed to keep the cost of the new jar comparable to regular jars. If its design takes off, the team behind Jar-with-a-Twist plans to expand to jelly, salsa and mayonnaise.


Click to watch the video below:

[via Food Beast]
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