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In Japan, A Handy Camera Stand Helps Tourists Take Snapshots Of Themselves

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On a recent trip to Enoshima island in Japan, photographer John Sypal of Tokyo Camera Style stumbled upon a very handy camera stand.

Created by Sunpole, a Japanese manufacturer of flagpoles, it allows tourists to take snapshots of themselves without having to ask a stranger to do it for them.

It can hold a variety of different cameras and there’s even a special slot to place smartphones in as well.

According to Sypal, the stand is able to “rotate 360 degrees and is positioned at just the right height and distance to include everyone in the frame”.


“The fact that people don’t need to approach a stranger to request a photo is an obvious benefit from such an invention but at the same time it saves those fellow tourists who might be asked a whole lot of trouble—from the pressure of taking a less than ideal final image, to the even worse possibility of dropping someone’s camera or smartphone on their vacation.”

Would you like to see this camera stand at popular tourist spots around the world?

[via Tokyo Camera Style]
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