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A Unique Book That Makes Reading A Shared Experience

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Graphic designer Soofiya Chaudry has created a unique book that aims to change the typical ‘solitary’ reading experience.

CalledA Book for Two’, it is exactly what it sounds like—it is a “double spined” book that can be placed between two readers and be shared.

The text in the book is divided into two parts, allowing two readers to alternate reading the paragraphs out loud.

The readers will only be able to read his side of the text, but occasionally they will come across text set in green—for this, both readers have to read it together.

According to Chaudry, “A Book for Two holds so much potential for changing the way we approach conventional books and reading. It begins to reflect the depth within the narrative itself and brings back the interaction of storytelling.”

What do you think? Will these be the books of the future?


[via A Book for Two]
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