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A Portable, Upside-Down Shower That Shoots Water Up From The Bottom

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Now that the hot summer days are upon us, don’t you wish that you had a portable shower that you could bring with you everywhere and use whenever you felt like it?

If so, Viteo Shower is just the thing you need—developed by Belgian-Australian designer Danny Venlet, this innovative device consists of a simple round disc.

Activated by the bodyweight of the user, Viteo Shower can spray water upwards in 4-meter high arcs, which will then rain down gently onto your head and body.

This upside-down shower can work anywhere as long as there is a water supply and a garden hose—we think it will be particularly useful for quick rinse-offs before and after using the pool.

Find out more about Viteo Shower over here.


[via Dornob]
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