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A DIY, Digital Replica Of A Vintage Camera That Is Made Of Wood

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French hobbyist photographer Cesar Sehouhian—with the help of his father—has managed to DIY a digital replica of the classic Nikon F2 SLR from 1971.

Referred to as the “F2D” by PetaPixel, the remarkable thing about this replica is that it is beautifully crafted out of wood—technically, it is a wooden shell that holds a Nikon point-and-shoot camera.

Impressively, the user will be able to access some of the controls of the “inner camera” with buttons found on the wooden shell—for instance, the viewfinder lock button on the front is actually used to on and off the camera.

As the compact camera on the inside of the wooden body has a touchscreen interface, there is little need to access the physical controls on it.

For a “just for fun” exercise, this is pretty cool—see more pictures of it below.


[via PetaPixel]
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