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Vintage Van Gets Converted Into A Mobile Bookshop

In a bid to promote translated Portuguese literary pieces to non-Portuguese speakers, the folks over at ‘Tell a Story’ converted a ‘70s Renault Estagette van into a mobile bookshop.

During summer, the mobile bookshop traveled to and set up shop at Portugal’s popular tourist spots—to sell Portuguese literature by authors like Saramago, de Queiroz, and Pessoa.

“[‘Tell a Story’ is] to make literature known as a ‘postcard’ of our culture,” the team wrote on its website. “In a country of stories and great storytellers, we want to challenge those who visit us to Tell a Story about Portugal.”

The team also created a typeface—called “Writers’ Font”—based on the handwriting of the featured Portuguese authors to “inspire you to write like them”, which can be downloaded here.

Not just an attraction for bookworms, if mobile bookshops were deployed internationally, it would be a great way to boost literacy—what do you think?

[via Tell a Story on Facebook]
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