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Thought-Provoking Photos Of Refugees Holding Their Most Prized Possessions

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New York City-based photographer Brian Sokol has created a thought-provoking photo series titled ‘The Most Important Thing’, in which he captures refugees from Syria, Mali and Sudan on film, holding up their most prized possessions.

Supported by the UN Refugee Agency, it consists of intimate black-and-white portraits of refugees posing with an item that they couldn’t let go when running away from home.

For some, a bracelet or a walking aid is their most cherished possession—while for others it’s their children, pets and even plastic bottles.

In a society where material possessions are often glorified, these humbling photos seek to remind us of how fortunate and lucky we are truly are.

View the entire photo series here.


[via Visual News, images via Brian Sokol]
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