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Trippy, Brightly Colored Paintings Of Gigantic LSD Molecules

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San Diego-based artist Kelsey Brookes has created a series of drug-inspired paintings that can give you a sense of what taking LSD would be like, without actually having to take them.

Trained in bio-technology, Brookes worked in a laboratory for a few years before deciding to become a full-time artist—due to his education background, it is not surprising that he recently painted a “party drug” series that are based upon blown-up images of LSD molecules.

According to the artist, these paintings have an effect on viewers that is akin to “taking LSD while looking through an electron microscope at LSD”.

While some of his paintings require a lot of meticulous work with a fine-pointed brush, others are the result of a printing process.


Watch the video by Like Knows Like below to find out more about this talented artist and his hypnotising, crazily colored atworks—you can also follow him on Instagram to get a behind-the-scenes peek at him working in his studio.

[via The Fox Is Black, images and video via Like Knows Like]
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