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A Restaurant That Makes You Feel Like You Are Dining In A Hospital

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In Latvia, there is a restaurant that looks like a hospital, and treats its customers like patients.

Called the ‘Hospitalis Restaurant’, the white walls and ceilings mirror that of hospitals’, with added props like medical books and surgical instruments, all supplied by Latvia’s Museum of the History of Medicine.

To add to the sterile feel, gruesome food in the shape of body parts is also served to be eaten with surgical instruments, with staff dressed as nurses or surgeons.

For those who would like to up the ante, they can have a meal in the operating theater or dine in a straitjacket.

Although going to the hospital may be a traumatizing experience for many, some may find dining in this restaurant to be something of a novelty.

Scroll down to catch a glimpse of this weird restaurant.


[via The Telegraph]
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