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Designer Gives A Deck Of Tarot Cards A Typographic Makeover

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People have been using tarot cards to read the future since the mid-15th century, and they usually feature classical illustrations to depict the character and meaning of the cards.

However, Russian designer Anton Shlyonkin has given the cards a massive redesign, by removing the traditional illustrations and replacing them with typography instead.

Explaining his redesign, Shlyonkin said, “Classic tarot decks are very symbolic. So it was kind of a challenge to ‘translate’ these symbols into type compositions.”

“Most cards still have some core meanings, though. For example, the Lovers is a Gemini ruling card. So, to express its dual nature, I made an ambigram.”

“Or the Moon card is a card ruled by Pisces, and you still can see its symbol in ‘O’ letters. The Empress is kind of mother nature sign (fertility, femininity, beauty, nature, and so on) and you can still feel it by looking on the type.”

“But some cards just represent my impression of their meaning. For example, the Force. This word gives me some ‘80s sci-fi movies feeling, so it shows in type.”

Check out the redesigned tarot cards below:


[via Creative Bloq]
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