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App Teaches Users How To Order Beer In 59 Different Languages

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Here’s an app that might come in handy for avid globetrotters.

Called ‘Pivo, it is an app that will teach users how to order beer in 59 different languages.

Created by Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth, the app was inspired by their frustration when they were abroad and couldn’t order a beer in Czech.

“We landed in Prague and headed straight to the nearest bar,” wrote the developers. “After catching the attention of the barmaid, we realized neither of us knew how to order a beer in Czech! We googled it, nothing, we asked Jeeves and even he didn’t know! So we thought there must be an app for that but there wasn’t…Pivo was born.”


There are 59 different languages programmed into the app, which includes the “correct spelling” and “phonetic pronunciations” of the words.

The best part of it is that users don’t need a WiFi connection to access the video tutorials.

‘Pivo’ is currently available from the iTunes Store at US$0.99.

[via Pivo]
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